Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my lovely mother's birthday, and I'd like to take the time to say a quick thank you to the one who helped me grow into the woman I am today.

First...Happy Birthday!!

Thank you for being my biggest fan and always encouraging me to dream big.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of family. It's funny how Julia and I always wanted to be out and about when we were younger, but now all we want to do is be home with you and learn how to cook your recipes.

Thank you for always helping me see both sides to every story and letting me make my own choices.

Thank you for teaching me what "laugh lines" are :)

Thank you for all that you do! Words can not explain how much I love you :)


This past weekend, I went home to spend time with mom for her birthday. We had a great weekend together! We went for a walk/run together, cooked, canned pickles for the first time, and just spent time together :) It was a perfect weekend!

I was even able to get in my long run without any sidewalks (my hometown isn't too runner friendly like my current city). I was so excited to do my first trail run and it made since a difference. The soft impact of the trails felt great on my joints and made me feel like I could run forever. My long run was supposed to be 6 miles this week, but I ended up running into a past PE coach from middle school and we did 7.5 together! She showed me the trails the local XC team use for their training. It was so nice to have someone to run and chat with :) The weather was in the mid-60s and couldn't have been more perfect.

Last week recap:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.4 miles + TRX (sprints and resistance training)
Wednesday: Core Barre
Thursday: 5 miles with 2 miles at tempo pace
Friday: HEAT + cool down jog
Saturday: 7.52 miles
Sunday: 3 miles

Total: 24.66 miles + 3 hours strength training

Yay! I am one happy camper with that. I feel antsy to go for a run tonight or even just hang out on the elliptical, but I'm going to give me body a good rest day and work it hard again the rest of this week!

Have you ever tried canning your own food? Mom and I tried canning pickles for the first time this weekend, and I'm so excited to try making jams and salsa next!


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