About Me

I'm a happy girl.

Who believes one person can make a difference.

I may not be the next woman President, but I believe that each person's individual passion for life and happiness can affect at least one person every day.

I believe that positivity and a smile can go a long way.

Smiling is an infectious feeling that leaves people with a lasting, warm memory even after the first impression.

"Laugh lines" are the term my mother has given to the parenthesizes that permanently frame her mouth, even when she's not smiling. My memory of her always sharing a smile has left a lasting imprint on me about how to approach life.

I strive to make others feel the warmth of my company by sharing positive energy with a smile. I don't do this on purpose, but it kind of just happens. I might have to start getting wrinkling cream for these "laugh lines" if they're genetic!

I'm passionate about a lot of things and the intensity of them usually depend on where I am in life. Whether it's why I think Carolina basketball is the best thing ever to who should be the next American Idol, I have a thing for sharing my excitement!

Currently, I'm focused on achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle by working up a good sweat through running or cross training but also indulging in one too many treats. ; )

I hope you enjoy my little stories about personal inspirations, what makes me smile, yummy recipes, and running! But most of all, I hope my passion for life comes through in my posts and leaves you with a smile!