Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I'm Loving Right Now: Beauty Products

There's just something about a new, nicely packaged makeup product. It just demands to be admired.

I always love removing my new mascara from its beautiful floral box and placing it on top of my used collection. It seems to sparkle amongst the smeared and powered bunch.

My favorite way to find new makeup before committing to the pricey cost is to sift through my friends' makeup collections and beauty products - especially my friend Jo Jo's (aka Jolene) supplies. She has it all. And she always has something new.

Last time we had dinner together at her apartment, it turned into makeover night and we tested out some wedding makeup ideas :)

While Jo Jo played makeup artist, she showed me one of her mascara gems..."They're Real!" by Benefit.

This mascara is perfect for making your eyelashes fuller and longer. It adds a bold amount of thickness without it being clumpy. I like to reserve it for weekends and my going out look :)

My favorite every day mascara is Clinque High Impact Curling Mascara. I don't even need an eye lash curler with this one. It lengthens and curls my eyelashes perfectly.

Need something to fluff up your day-old hair? Or maybe you need to hide a little grease after a long day? got2b Powder'ful volumizing styling powder will do just the trick. Jo Jo swore by this, and I picked it up the next day. It works wonders!

I feel like such a makeup rookie having only discovered eyeshadow primer a year ago. This cream keeps all the work you put into your eyeshadow looking just the way you left it without it smearing or disappearing. I tried a sample of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Prime Potion from Sephora and quickly used it up even though I tried to make it last as long as possible. It was that good. When Jo Jo had it too, I knew it was a sign.

A quality facewash has always aloofed me. FINALLY I have something to praise about. Purity Made Simple by Philosophy cleanses my face while removing makeup and moisturizing at the same time. I rarely need to apply extra mosterizer after it. I read several recommendations about it online before putting it on my Christmas list. I give this two thumbs way up :)

The last must-have beauty product that completes my routine is my favorite shampoo and conditioner, Biolage. It adds volume and keeps my hair cleaner for a longer period of time. I especially like that it doesn't leave a shiny film like cheaper shampoos that tend to add build up and weigh my hair down.

What are your go-to beauty products? Any recommendations?


  1. I use that shampoo! I recommend all of them...I've tried them all! I LOVE eye primer but my faves are Lancome's Aquateek (I know that's not how you spell it) but it makes everything you put on top of it WATERPROOF! I love that & Benefit's Stay Don't Stray...I use that for concealer & for eyeshadow. :)

  2. Oh awesome!!! Concealer is the one thing I need...I'll look into it!