Monday, January 28, 2013


There are so many things I love about the weekend.

Hanging out with great friends.

Staying up late and sleeping in.



Being lazy around the house with the one I love.

Going on adventures, trying new places, and eating new foods.

But my favorite "me" part about the weekend is going for a run whenever I feel like it. I get to sleep in, be lazy, and eat breakfast in bed with my love. Then when the sun is shining, I lace up my bright green shoe strings and hit the pavement. I don't have an exact number of miles; I just run by feel. I let my mind wander. I let my thoughts soak in all the gratitude I have for this life.

Sometimes my mind drifts to a place where I where I barely remember running. It feels like I went through a time warp, and the details of where I went or how far I ran are a foggy dream. However, Saturday's run brought me to a place that I wanted to hold on to and never forget. I felt a wave of gratitude for Justin. I simply felt thankful to have such an amazing person like him in my life. To say amazing doesn't even do justice to the role he fills in my heart. I felt overwhelmed with a feeling of pure happiness for the relationship we've built together. How simple it is, but filled with so much bliss.

Not every run leaves such a lasting impression on me, but I'm thankful for runs like these that ground me even when I feel like I'm flying.


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