Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interval Workout of Death

I think I almost broke the treadmill tonight.

That thing has shaking all over the place. I don't think it's meant to go to an incline of 15, I doubt I'm meant to be climbing an incline of 15 for that matter.

I was a huffing and puffing machine during my 30 minute interval workout. I was that awkward girl who makes noises every so once in a while out of pity for herself.

If you're in need of a 30 minute workout that will most certainly make the most of your time, please write or print out the below workout and hop on the treadmill!

Sorry that chart is so tiny! Check out Julie's post at Peanut Butter Fingers for a larger version since that is where it's from :)

She said it was the hardest workout she's ever done on a treadmill, so naturally, I wanted to do it.

When I looked at the speed and noticed I would be walking and jogging up hill, I had my doubts. I know walking up hill is no joke, but this was seriously no joke.

Note: Don't hold on to the handle bars when it starts to get steep! That's cheating :)

What I loved most about this workout is how I felt like I might really die. My heart was pounding, I was losing my breath, and I really just wanted to omit those last two intervals! But I didn't, and I told myself, "You can do it!"

What I love even more than feeling like I'm going to die is realizing that you survived, and then you feel like you can do it all over again. Crazy, huh?


Do you ever feel like you can't go on but once you do, you feel like you want to do it all over again?

No, maybe it's just me??


  1. I printed off this interval training.. Do you prefer doing it on a treadmill? Does it help with your time? I missed 3 days of running this past week and when I finally got to go on a run yesterday, I felt like I was dying and I only did a 5K.. I need something to help with endurance and I have a feeling this may be it. I have a crazy schedule and it has been so hard to get my runs in lately so I'm thinking if I can head to the gym in the mornings and do some treadmill work, I won't get behind. I feel like as winter approaches and it gets dark earlier and stays dark for a while in the mornings, I am having problems finding that perfect time to run. Your blog is very inspiring =)

  2. @Love2RunInOKYay! I'm so glad you printed it! I haven't tried this one on the elliptical, but I think if you do, you'll have to up the resistance because once you get to an incline of 15 on a treadmill you really have to work super hard to keep your body from falling off and not holding on to the handle bars ha. I posted an elliptical one a couple posts before this check that out if you don't want to do the treadmill :)

    I love running in the mornings too, but I totally agree that it's just too dark, which makes me super nervous when I'm running. I absolutely despise the treadmill, but I really look forward to it with this workout because it constantly keeps you busy and you're never bored. This should definitely help with endurance...but I also recommend trying a one hour spin class!