Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweaty Elliptical Love

I was so tired today.

I have got to start going to bed before 11pm!

However, there's nothing like a workout to wake you up at 7pm.

Today's workout was supposed to be a cycling class at 5:30pm, but work kept me late and it was up to me to find a workout to do by myself since I missed all the group classes.

Insert Fitnessista's Boredom Buster 30 minute elliptical workout.

I really loved this workout! I usually despise the elliptical and get so bored. But this kept me engaged the whole time and it did fly by! Next time I'm going to do a 45 to 60 minute one.

Fitnessista and Peanut Butter Fingers both have great workout pages on their blogs. They have great options for a range of workouts (running, elliptical, strength training, etc.) for whatever time frame you have in mind (30 min, 45 min, etc.).

It's workouts like these that make me happy that I'm not on a training schedule. As much as I loved training for my first and second half marathons, I love doing a variety of exercises as opposed to focusing on just one.


Tonight I jammed to Pandora's station "Down" by Jay Sean. This is such a fun one! I highly recommend it.


What are your favorite workouts? Any favorite group classes? Any cardio machines (ie. elliptical, stair climber, bike) that you enjoy the most?

I really dread the treadmill. I did it a few times this past summer, but after a couple times I get too bored and my calves tighten. Maybe I should try an interval run like the above elliptical one to add some excitement.


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