Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

This week has flown by!

I've kept myself super busy and exhausted myself to the point where I contemplated going to bed at 8:30pm last night, but stuck it out to 9:30pm so I wasn't too lame :)

Here's some fun facts about my week since there's too much to say to make it all one post:

1. I made a new go-to lunch! The amazing turkey wrap!

This thing is deli material. I must admit, I'm a little impressed with my upgrades to what used to be a boring turkey sandwich (even though I still love my turkey pesto sandwich).

While perusing the bread aisle on Monday, I came across FlatOut Flatbread - multigrain with flax. It only has 100 calories, 8 grams of fiber, and 17 carbs! You can also use it as a pizza crust .... #winning. If you're a carb lover like me, you'll devour this.

I smothered the middle part with about 3 TBSP of garlic hummus, topped with low sodium turkey, onion, avocado, tomato, and spinach. Wrap it up and say "YUM!"

2. I did yoga for the first time this month on Wednesday.

Ouch! I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing and easy stretching, but oh no, of course I go to the one that's made me sore for two days. I even had to take a rest day yesterday because I could barely walk!

Remember my goal to do yoga at least twice this month? Well even though I was cursing myself during the class and saying I was never coming back, looks like I will be coming back next week since I'm a sucker for completing goals :)

I do kind of like the challenge. It's a workout that I really don't understand. I feel like cycling, running, and bodypump are all hard, but I understand them. I'm still trying to figure out yoga...hmmmm....

3. I've set my alarm 3 days in a row to wake up early and workout and didn't do any of them.

#Losing. Maybe I need to revisit my tips for working out in the morning. I truly believe just waking up, turning on the lights, and walking out the door is the best strategy, but I blame lack of sleep this week on my poor excuse for not working out in the morning. Goal - next week, go to bed by 10:30pm. No excuses.

4. I had an amazing 5 mile run on Tuesday.

It really didn't feel that great at first, but once my legs warmed up I was loving every step and every hill.

5. I have a few recipes I can't wait to make this weekend!

I've been on a banana bread baking spree these past few weekends and decided to try making my mom's recipe this weekend and maybe an apple pie too!

Gotta love it when she scans it from the book and sends it to you :) Thanks mom!


I absolutely can't wait to sleep, sleep, sleep, and more sleep this weekend!! I need it!


What are your weekend plans?? Anybody else love to bake on the weekends? Any fall recipes for me to try??


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