Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The endorphins from this morning's workout at HEAT Studios had me floating on air alllll day.

I kick started by day by attending the HEAT Beach Body class at 6am with my faithful gym buddy, Elisabeth. I'm SO excited they started offering this class in the mornings at least once a week!! It's usually during the day, so I jumped on the opportunity to finally go. The class focuses on guts, butts, and overall toning, which is exactly what I need! I love running, but it can't tone everything!

What I loved most about this class was that it incorporated sprints on the treadmill with jump rope and then strength training. I loved sprinting on the treadmill, I felt so strong after all my long runs.

Now my upper body strength is another thing. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 2. It's really sad just how weak I am. Hopefully this class will whip these arms into shape!

Here's an awesome video of HEAT Studios:

H.E.A.T from David Hambridge on Vimeo.

It still amazes me just how much stronger I'm getting overall by running 4 times a week and cross training one day a week. I remember I used to be so sore after my runs and even after my HEAT classes. I'm STILL sore after my HEAT classes, but it's tolerable soreness that at least lets me walk the next day, which is quite the upgrade. I LOVE IT.

I was a little unsure if I would be able to do my 5 mile run today in addition to the Beach Body class, but I did!! I don't know if it was the endorphin high that I was on today that made my run feel so free. Kinda like I was running on air without gravity to hold me back. Best feeling in the world. I've been getting so caught up in my pace during my runs rather than just running for the enjoyment it brings me. This was one of those runs that's good for the soul. :)

Speaking of my endorphin high all day and feeling like gravity couldn't keep me down, here's a video from one of my favorite tv shows, So You Think You Can Dance. It's to the song "Gravity" and it's such a powerful dance. The story behind it is that the male dancer is an addiction that's pulling the girl down and she's trying to fight against him. Maybe it's not the blissful gravity I was feeling earlier...but I love this video and wanted to share!!


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