Thursday, March 31, 2011

Arm Candy

Some girls want designer watches like Michael Kors or Citizen...

And then some girls (aka me) want something a little flashier...

Ta da!! The most stylish watch in the world of running. Ok so maybe it's not stylish, but it's the freaking Garmin Forerunner 405!! It tracks your running activities, goals, analyzes core training metrics, examines your splits, and monitors your performance with charts and graphs! Isn't it so much cooler than Michael Kors??

So maybe I DO want a pretty Michael Kors watch, but when it comes to one or the other, I choose the latter. Happy early birthday present to me!! I basically can't run without this little buddy on my wrist. I kinda don't know how I ever ran without my beloved Garmin to tell me how far I've run, show me my pace and routes, etc, etc, etc. I guess since I didn't know it existed, I didn't know what I was missing.

I had no idea what this watch was until last year when Justin got it for Christmas. He offered to let me wear it from time to time, but I was like "Nah, I'm ok!" Then one glorious day I was setting out for my first 5 mile run during my training and was a little unsure about how long my route would be. At the time I was using to map my routes. I highly recommend this site if you don't have a GPS watch. It basically lets you draw your route through Google maps and shows you the distance so you know how far your running.

But ever since I borrowed Justin's Garmin watch that one day, I've been hooked. I've used it for every run since then, which has been about 6 weeks now (thanks sweetie!!).

Who wouldn't love to see...

Their splits:

Their route:

And much more...but you get the point :)

Anywho...I've been getting in a lot of great exercises this week! I did cycling last night at HEAT and loved every sweat dripping minute of it. It's such an addicting class. Then I actually woke up at 5:20 this morning and set out for a 5 mile run! It was 40 degrees out, and I was energized from the time I woke up to the end of my work day.

In the past, I've set my alarm early numerous times in an attempt to work out in the mornings, but I think that I'm finally able to do it now because I'm completely committed to doing it. Plus, I didn't have the option of running after work since they were calling for a 70% chance of rain. I'm definitely going to try and incorporate more morning runs and workouts into my routine!

Hope everyone's having a good week!! Tomorrow's Friday!! Hallelujah!!


  1. Callie, that is such a cool watch. When is your half marathon? This weekend?

  2. It's on April 16th!! Can't wait :) I'm doing a 10 mile race in Chapel Hill on the 10th too.