Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funday

Or maybe more like Sunday Exercise day.

I woke up this morning around 7am for my long run of the week...5 miles.

Even at 7am it was still about 71 degrees. It felt cool, but I was still wiping sweat out of my eyes for over half the run.

But it was so worth it because it turned out to be a great run! My strategy lately for running has been to take my Garmin with me, but not look at my pace until after I finish the run. I do this for a couple reasons: I'm hard on myself if I see a pace that in my mind feels slower than I'm running or I'm hard on myself to run faster. By not looking at the watch, I can run based on how my body feels and then after the run, look at how I did.

The funny thing is that when I don't look at my watch, I'm consistent in my pace and feel like I actually run better. I usually always run the first mile as a warmup, which ends up being 10ish minutes (usually 10:10) and then after that I run a consistent 9:20ish (give or take) pace.

However, this morning, I thought my legs were moving the same 10:10 pace in the first mile, but actually did 9:49. Then, instead of the usual 9:20ish pace, I ran a 9:19, 9:15, 9:12, 8:57! Average pace = 9:18. Yayyy!!

I gueesssssss that was worth waking up early for :)

I was contemplating during my run if I was actually going to attend the 60 minute HEAT class (intervals and strength training) after my run and ended up doing it! It was just as sweaty as it always is...and by 10:30am on a Sunday, I completed almost two hours of intense working out. Great way to end the week!

Also, I'm happy to announce that I am a proud mamma to my first babies....a tomato plant and basil plant!

I found them a nice sunny spot by my patio.

The basil smells amazinggggggg...

And I'm loving my darling baby tomatoes.

Can't wait for those lil pups to turn into some big, juicy, red tomatoes. I'll be watering them every day after work :)

Now I need a delicious basil recipe. I thought about making pesto but kinda want to make something that doesn't involve pasta. I found a couple delicious looking recipes for either Baked Zucchini and Basil or a Lemon Basil Pork recipe. Decisions, decisions!

What are your thoughts. How do you use your basil?? Any favorite recipes? Anything a newbie like me should know?


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