Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Alive!

Soooooooooo I haven't been the most dedicated blogger lately...if you haven't noticed...but I'm back. Or will try to be :)

What have I been doing with all my free time?

Hmmm... Cooking...

(Yes that is a paper plate in the above picture. We were at the beach and trying to cut down on washing plates by hand. Classy.)

Love the cake pops I made for Justin's graduation! I was so excited to finally have the chance to make them.

Speaking of Justin's graduation...I was busy with both his and my sister's graduations in May. How exciting!

Justin's Graduation Cocktail!

Congrats baby sister!!

I've also been staying busy with my exercise routine, which lately has consisted of less running, but more strength training. Eeeee! I gave Jillian Michaels a shot with her Ripped in 30 dvd, which was awesome. I loved how it was only 30 minutes and flew by thanks to the intensity of it. I managed to fit running in to my routine, but it's been a little sporadic lately.

Now that it's almost time to start training for my fall half-marathons, I'm switching gears and going to maintain strength training for 2 days at week at HEAT Studios and then run 4 days a week. The plan for now is to maintain at least 15 to 20ish miles a week. I know that seems kind of low, but it's not training season just yet :)

I've also started going to a local running club that meets every Monday night with my running buddy Stacey. So excited!

The nOg Run Club is located downtown and has an average of 200 to 300 people attend every Monday. Afterward, there's $1 beer and $1 pasta. Yum!

So that is the plan and kind of everything I've been up to :) I love staying busy! Now I'm off to clean the apartment and maybe catch some rays by the pool.

How are you spending your week and weekends? What's your weekly workout routine?


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