Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Secret Pleasure

Sooooo I know I'm not married or engaged, BUT I have this little guilty pleasure....which is to look through wedding photography blogs :)

I guess it's not really a secret anymore since I'm telling you this, but I just can't help but share one photographer's blog with you. Her name is Lucy Parker and her blog is called Photography for Happy People. I guess I was destined to like it since my blog is after all Smiles from Callie...so I guess that makes me a happy person :)

I met Lucy briefly at my friend Caroline's wedding last August, and I've stalked her blog ever since because her engagement photos and wedding photos were that spectacular. Please check out her bridal and wedding shots. They're breathtaking.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Lucy:

I love the way she's so creative with her photographs. She has a way of capturing intimate moments in such a precious light.

So even though I'm still "single", I guess I know who I'll be calling once the wedding bells start ringing ;)

What about you...are there any blogs that you love to sift through as guilty pleasure?


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