Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall Running + Taco Night!

There's no season like fall to make you fall in love with running.

The air is crisp. The colorful leaves add beauty to my running trail. The sound of the leaves as they crunch under my shoes make me feel one with nature. I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be at that moment. I feel home.

My running trail is home?

Yes, it's my home. It's where I go to get away. Where I let out all frustrations and just feel happy when it's all over.

See...a sweaty sMile from Callie...

In order to get my runs in before the sun goes down, I have to do them as soon as I get home from work! I'd much rather sit down and unwind, but in less than an hour it's pitch black, and I'm a scaredy cat.

I usually groan about this, but once I wash my face and put on my shoes, I'm actually excited and ready to roll.

I really didn't think I'd be able to run 4 miles today after Body Pump yesterday. I'm so sore that I can hardly walk up stairs. It hurts!

(PS - this was my first Body Pump class in a month thanks to my new workout buddy Thuy! She just joined my gym and has been my motivation to wake up at 6am for the class. Yay!)

I told myself I could run whatever pace I wanted as long as I got the 4 miles done. Somehow they went pretty well.

Refueling was an easy decision since my adorable roomie texted me earlier today claiming it was Taco Night!

For the record: Peter (Hannah's boyfriend in the above photo) ate 10 tacos!!! Machine!

Yum..yum...yum. I'm so full.

Hopefully my legs will magically recover over night because it's another 6am Body Pump class with Thuy in the morning.


Does anybody else actively run and strength train?
I know they're both important, but it's so hard to run when your muscles are sore!

Are you a taco night fan?


  1. you look like a nerd in your picture

  2. and by nerd... i mean cute, athletic, and an excellent chef!

  3. I feel fantastic about taco nights :) My sister and I just tried Jibarra (modern Mexican) in Raleigh; we should do a blog meet-up there. My list of places to meet is growing veryyy long haha.

  4. @cmroman.comMmmm sounds delicious! I love going out to eat Mexican. Next time!