Sunday, November 20, 2011

10 Tuff Miles

Sometimes running is all rainbows and butterflies.

But sometimes it's just tough.

Sometimes a three mile run is just as hard as a 10 mile run. The distance doesn't matter when it's just plain hard and your body doesn't want to move.

This weekend's run was one of those mentally and physically hard runs.

I was exhausted from my weekday workouts and even though I was so excited to run, the magic just wasn't there.

But I did finish! And sometimes that's all that matters.

It's these mentally challenging runs that I remember during future hard runs, and I remind myself that I did it once before and I can do it again.

The mantra that got me through this weekend's run was "pain is temporary." I repeated this to myself from miles 2 through 10. I also kept telling myself "you can do this." I love mantras :)

I feel kind of bad for Justin during these type of runs because I'm a pretty irritable person to be with when I'm not having a good run. I take out my frustration on him and act like he's the reason I'm having a bad run. Note - sorry Justin! Thank you for sticking it out with me. And you know I really want you there :)

In the end - I'm happy I was able to check it off the training list and wrap up the week with quite the workout schedule:

Monday - Spin Class (60 min)
Tuesday - Body Pump (am) + 3 mile run (pm)
Wednesday - 5 mile run
Thursday - Body Pump (am) + 3 mile run (pm)
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 10 mile long run
Sunday - Rest

Whew - I'm whooped, but oh so ready for spin class in the morning!

Despite being super sore on Saturday, I did manage to fit in some fun with the highlight being The Rockette's Radio City Christmas Spectacular at the DPAC.


The Rockettes + Girlfriends + Dinner = a lovely Sunday evening.

We started our girls night early with a 4:30pm dinner at Cuban Revolution in Durham. It has a great atmosphere and reasonably priced meals. Also, it's walking distance to the DPAC, which was perfect for us!

There are some awesome Broadway shows coming in early 2012 that I want to see so bad - West Side Story, Chicago, Wicked, and Memphis (winner of 2010 Best Musical Toney Award). Looks like I know where all my money is going next year :)

Overall, The Rockette's show was definitely fun...lots of singing and dancing, but they keep it interesting...there's even real camels in it! I don't recommend going with a boyfriend because it would probably be too girlie for him, but hey, maybe he'll like it ;)

Now I'm all in the holiday spirit after seeing 10,000 Santa Clauses tonight!


Has anyone else seen the Rockette's perform? Any recommendations on dance or Broadway performances that are a must see?!


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