Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ouch - That Really Hurt!

Yesterday's HEAT class at HEAT studios absolutely destroyed me and my poor pip-squeak muscles.

It was a mix of cardio and strength training. The class didn't start with casual stretching and motivating words, it was go big or go home in the first minute. We started out with strength training that targeted arms, shoulders and whatever other muscles I have from my waist up. Then the class split into two groups and one group sprinted on the treadmill while the other continued more strength training targeted at the legs and yet again, any other muscle I didn't know I had until last night. I could hardly move at the end of it. My shoulders, arms and legs were shot.

I woke up this morning still a little sore, but could walk and move around comfortably. That all ended when I set out for my 3 mile run today. Oh-my-goodness. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like I weighed 700 pounds and was going to have to run 15 minute miles or even worse a walk/run. To say I was mad at myself is an understatement.

Justin wanted to run with me, and he appeared so carefree and happy to be running since his muscles hadn't endured what mine went through last night. At first I dreaded running next to him, but after we ran the first mile together, I was happy to have him by my side - especially since he was wearing the Garmin watch. ;)

It turns out my run was much better than how I felt. I guess Thursday's pace wasn't a fluke because I ran under 10 minutes for all 3 miles! My average pace for the 3 mile run was 9:44!! Behind all this pain and soreness, I am so happy!!

Below is a recap of my pace during the run and a link to my route, timing and charts.

I'm hopeful that my muscles will relax and be ready for the 6.5 mile run tomorrow since I finished today's run relatively early in the day.

Before the run today, Justin and I stopped by the mall for a few things, and I must say, Anthropologie had me drooling over their clothes! Here are a few on my wish list. Ps - my birthday is April case anybody is feeling extra generous ;)

I wasn't too big of a fan of this dress from the front, but the back makes it a must have!

If this isn't the ideal Carolina skirt, I don't know what is.


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