Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini Victories!!!

“…The best part was at the end of every day, when I had a sharp sense of having accomplished something measurable and definable. I won a little victory every day that nobody could take away from me.

I thought I had discovered magic.

I began to believe that as long as I ran, I’d keep the magic, but if I stopped, I’d lose it, which is actually true. I called running my Secret Weapon."
-- K.V. Switzer, Marathon Woman

YAY for a 9.53 running pace during my 4 mile run last night!! I just love how sweet it feels to accomplish something small and sometimes big every time I run. I know 9.53 minutes per mile sounds like a snail pace compared to the more experience runners, but to me, it's BIG! I usually run around a 10:15 pace, which already makes me feel like a little cheetah. Granted I'm never out of breath when I finish running so I think I could push myself harder on the short runs. Saturday is my 3 mile run, so I'm planning on trying to pick up the pace and keep it in the 9s. Can't wait!!

Tonight I'm going to another class at HEAT Studios called HEAT with Stacey, Elisabeth and Caroline. It's their signature class and it consists of intervals on the treadmill, and strength and resistance training on the floor. Starting in the next week or so, I think I'm going to try and attend the HEAT class every Wednesday for some good strength training and then incorporate Hot Yoga on Fridays. Usually Fridays are an optional rest day or x-training day, so I really need a rest, but that's what Monday is for anyways :)

Below is a picture of my proud moment last night! Here's a link to more details on the route, splits and pace.

Can't wait for my 6.5 mile run on Sunday!!


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