Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

“Smiling is infectious,

You can catch it like the flu.

Someone smiled at me today,

And I started smiling too.”

~Author Unknown

I’ve found that the key to life, friendships, relationships, opportunities, stress, happiness, and so much more hangs on the simplicity of a smile.

A smile makes somebody else’s day a little bit easier. A smile makes you feel warm inside. I smile makes others around you happy. So why not smile?

People often say I smile more than anyone else they know and it’s not because I’m always happy, but it’s because it’s how I want to make others feel. I want people I encounter to know I care about them and to feel positive energy when they’re with me. This principle of mine is also supported by studies that found between 60 and 70 percent of all human communication is derived from nonverbal behavior. Body language is powerful, and it’s a simple gesture that says a lot about a person.

Not only is smiling contagious, but it also improves your health! It boosts your immune system because you are more relaxed, lowers your blood pressure, releases endorphins, and best of all it helps you stay positive. So smile away, it’s the best prescription you’ll ever get.

Here are a few people who give me a reason to smile

My mother - she smiles so much she now has permanent "laugh lines"

My sister - she stands up for those who need a voice and listens to her heart

Justin - He makes my heart smile :)

Strokin' Stephy! - Always positive, always a great friend

B Mon - she's the funniest, craziest, and best friend to have

YaYa - Because we're always there for each other.

It takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body... the heart. ~Author Unknown

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  1. ahh Callie! You're smile does always bring a smile to my face. Great post. Love you!