Friday, April 13, 2012

What I'm sMiling About Today

Life is amazing. I love the fresh, bright green leaves. I love living in Chapel Hill. I love myself more everyday. I love those around me more every day. I love the feeling of happiness. I love spring - it's my favorite season! I love Earth Day because it's my birthday!!! April 22!

I clearly have lots that I'm loving and smiling about. I just want to scream these from the mountain tops! Hopefully they'll make you smile too :)

1. I had a 3 day weekend! Three days should be mandatory. Two days is such a tease. It was so nice to sleep in Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My body needed it so bad!

2. This song. So good!

3. Being super lazy on Friday morning. I had to remind myself that it's ok not to do anything and that this is what I've been wanting. I tend to be a little high-strung when it comes to doing all that I want to do and forget to relax and just be.

4. Finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Please read this now. Warning - I spent the last third of it sobbing into my pillow making funny noises, but the first two-thirds I spent laughing out loud. I was also head over heels for Augustus Waters because he reminds me of Justin :)

5. Going shopping for real clothes not workout clothes. Finally bought a couple spring items to add to my wardrobe since my racer back tank tops are are stocked up for a while.

6. Getting to spend Easter with Justin...our first holiday together!

7. Two of my amazing friends are getting married this weekend!! April 21st!

8. I'm beginning to appreciate yoga. Add it to my list of fitness loves. I'm having a hard time fitting in all the running, spinning, strength training, yogaing, ellipticalling, walking, and more into my schedule. I guess it keeps me from getting bored! For the longest time I felt like yoga was just a bunch silly moves that people did because they thought it was cool. I'm really beginning to love focusing on every move, learning its name, and improving my form each time. Hopefully I'll be doing this one day...

She's simply amazing. She's also my new blogger crush - Peanut Butter Runner.

9. I'll be in my mid-20s this Sunday! I don't know if this is really something I'm smiling about. I love birthdays because its a day that people shower you with love and act like you're this wonderful blessing :) but I don't want to get old! I wish I would have listened to my mom when she told me to quit wishing I was I miss my childhood days. However, the future will be amazing. I need to remind myself to slow down and quit wishing all these big moments would get here already because honestly they'll only happen once and then you'll be on to the next one...time to start living in the moment.

10. Sunday dinners. I love it when Justin and I cook together. It's so much fun having a partner help you chop, read ingredients and just have fun together. This past Sunday we made beef and broccoli stir-fry. We went all out in our attempt to be authentic and purchased a wok from a Korean grocery store and then went American by buying frozen dumplings...yum! Dumplings will be our next recipe adventure :)

So that is life. It's wonderful. It has its stressful times, but when I reflect on the people and moments that truly matter, I am a happy girl. :)


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