Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

Feeling like you could use some motivation?

Or maybe just have some downtime this weekend?

You MUST watch the 2008 Ironman World Championship.

I cried. I cheered. I loved it.

2.4 mile swim. 112 mile bike. Plus a marathon (26.2 miles).

I'm beyond inspired by these athletes. I would want to be them, but I think I'll settle with my shorter endurance events for now :)

I lied, I still want to be them.

This film truly inspires me to be the best I can be. I love how far you can push the human bodies' limits.

I do think back on this film from time to time during a tough workout just to remind myself that others are doing the same thing for a variety of their own goals and reasons.

Simply put - I'm highly infatuated with the idea of being my best even if it's not the best out of everyone.

Also, I must say thank you to The Hungry Runner Girl for sharing this video first!

Once I finished this movie, Hulu already had another movie lined up - Spirit of the Marathon.


I've heard a few other runners mention this documentary with mixed reviews. I definitely loved it and it does make me want to run a marathon, but it wasn't as moving as the Ironman film.

I still recommend watching it if you're a runner or want to know why people want to run a distance that the first person died doing after he finished it :)

Good thing I watched those last weekend because this weekend's relaxing motivation is coming from a new book that I can't wait to crack open...

I've heard such great things about The Long Run and finally made the purchase!

Now me and my sweet boy...

Bandit are going to cuddle up on the couch, read a book, and get inspired!


Any recommendations on some more documentaries or books that have inspired you??? What's your source of motivation?

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  1. Spirit of the Marathon and The Long Run = two of my absolute favorites. SO inspiring. Love them. I'll have to check out the Ironman video though. Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it :)