Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TSM Score Card

I love where I work...especially the people I work with. I've had several jobs throughout my lively 22 years and from selling lawn care on neighborhood door steps to living the high life as a waitress, I must say it's the people and their passion for success at TSM that make the day worth it. I love working in an environment that promotes success through ideas and continuous learning.

My "office"/cube is surrounded by the lovely sales team who never fail to make me laugh even if I'm not included in the joke or conversation, which is 99.9% of the case. Now since I'm constantly surrounded by their 100+ cold calls per day or gchat snickers, I decided to keep a track of Smiles from TSM:

- Frequent Bieber conversations/obsession

- Ellen's delicious homemade lunches
- Sales Team gchat giggles (this could be a frown since I'm not included...but it still makes me smile)
- How DW always posts Stage 3s and Proposals in advance
- How RD always requests Stage 3s and Proposals 1 hour before they're due
- I sit behind a trust fund baby
- How loud it gets when everyones on the phone (I think I know everyone's sales pitch by heart)
- TSM team work
- TSM sticky notes
- How the sales team always describes themselves as tenacious
- How the sales team always invents new products that we supposedly already provide
- Cafe Luna, Square Rabbit, Morning Times
- Sneezes that span a 3 foot radius

Stay tuned for more TSM smiles from Callie!


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